5/13/19 Older Product Updates

Hello again! We just wanted to push out a little reminder to everyone, that we are now updating some of our oldest products on the site. This will make your shopping experience that much easier!

5/10/19 Hello Everyone!

Hello! We’re just posting this quick little update to tell you that we have been busy with upgrading and updating many parts of the site, and that you can expect much more of our quality furniture. Be sure to check out our Facebook for our newest updates on...

11/21/18 – Minneapolis

It might be too late to get an order delivered by Christmas, but you can still gift someone a nice dining set or rocking chair by mid-late January. We ship from Fargo to Minneapolis / St. Paul, or all over the country!

Shipping – 11/5/18

We have good news! The shipping under the checkout section no longer defaults to an automatic $299 shipping charge. However, in order for the shipping to be accurate, you must enter in some basic location info.